Everyone should consider giving up drinking bottled water

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Drinking bottled water is something we are all guilty of, but many of us don’t even know that it’s something to feel guilty about in the first place.

In fact, drinking bottled water has almost become a way of life for many Americans.

People are often skeptical of tap water and think it’s not as safe as drinking bottled water. Some people refuse to drink tap simply because they don’t like the taste.

The distaste for tap water doesn’t have a lot of basis in fact. Thanks to the Safe Water Drinking Act, almost all public tap water is drinkable and delicious.

Still, sometimes the sight of a cold water bottle is just too tempting to pass up. However, it turns out that there are plenty of reasons to resist temptation. There are a ton of really good reasons you should consider skipping bottled water altogether.

Plastic bottles leach chemicals.

You’ve probably noticed that plastic water bottles become softer after being left in the sun. The plastic can fully melt if enough heat is present.

A lot of bottled water comes from the tap anyway.

Commercials for bottled water lead us to believe that our H2O is being sourced from heavenly springs with all sorts of healthy properties.

Bottled water may actually be less safe than tap water.

Tap water has to meet all kinds of standards, but bottled water does not have to adhere to the same regulations.

Bottled water has no proven benefits.

Many people seem concerned about the quality of tap water, and opt for bottled water to be safe.

However, this opinion about bottled water being more healthy is completely wrong.

Bottled water is expensive.

Tap water isn’t technically free, but it’s pretty darn close, especially compared to the expensive bottled stuff.

Look at it this way: You have to spend money on your water bill every month, no matter what.

Water bottle production wastes tons of water. Like almost everything in the world, plastic needs a lot of water to be produced.


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