James Webb telescope finds evidence of dark stars

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For the past 15 years, scientists have been on the hunt for evidence of a rare type of star known as “dark stars.” These stars are hypothesized to be powered not by the fusion of atoms like ordinary stars, including the sun, but by mysterious and invisible material called “dark matter.”

The James Webb Space Telescope, launched in 2021, has recently made some potentially groundbreaking discoveries, identifying the first potential candidates for these elusive dark stars. Initially thought to be some of the earliest-known galaxies, these objects may, in fact, be enormous dark stars.

Dark matter is a crucial ingredient in these stars, constituting about 0.1% of their mass. These stars are mainly composed of hydrogen and helium, the elements that existed during the early stages of the universe. However, it is the self-annihilating dark matter that serves as their energy source, making them distinct from regular stars.

Dark matter is a mysterious substance that cannot be directly observed or interact with light, but its presence is known through its gravitational effects on a galactic scale. It is believed to make up about 85% of the universe’s matter, with the remaining 15% comprising normal matter, such as stars, planets, gas, dust, and everyday objects like pizza and people.

Dark stars are colossal, with a mass at least a million times greater than the sun and a luminosity at least a billion times brighter. Their diameter is approximately ten times the distance between Earth and the sun, making them significant cosmic entities.

Unlike ordinary stars, dark stars have the unique ability to accumulate gas from space, allowing them to continuously gain mass and potentially grow into supermassive sizes. They are aptly described as “big puffy beasts” by theoretical astrophysicists.

The discovery of dark stars could significantly advance our understanding of the universe and its complex dynamics. As scientists continue to analyze data from the James Webb Space Telescope, there is hope that more definitive evidence of these enigmatic cosmic objects will be found.

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