Researchers discover secret planet in solar system

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Scientists have proposed that our solar system could potentially host planets the size of Jupiter and Uranus, particularly at the outer reaches of the system. These hypothetical planets, sometimes referred to as “planet X” or “Oort cloud planets,” are believed to exist beyond Neptune.
According to scientific predictions, the Oort Cloud, a vast shell of icy objects that marks the boundary of the sun’s gravitational influence, could potentially trap such a planet. It is theorized that there might be more interstellar objects in this region of the solar system than previously thought.
To assess the probability of a planetary system capturing a large planet, scientists conducted sophisticated computer simulations to understand how large planets tend to be ejected from their birth systems. These simulations revealed that a small percentage of close encounters between planetary systems could result in a star’s gravitational pull capturing a discarded planet, allowing it to form its own orbit.

The likelihood of this capture scenario increases when a drifting planet comes close to the outer edge of a star system’s Oort Cloud. Researchers estimate that approximately one in every 200 to 3,000 stars could potentially host an Oort cloud planet.
However, the scientists also acknowledged that their estimate might be an overestimation. The prediction does not take into account potential instabilities that occur during the early stages of a solar system or the effects of planet stripping caused by the gravitational interactions with passing stars.
While the existence of these hypothetical planets remains unconfirmed, the ongoing study of our solar system and the exploration of outer space continue to provide valuable insights into the potential diversity and dynamics of planetary systems.

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